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I am an experienced trumpet player based in the Washington, D.C. area.  Versed in many styles including Jazz, Disco, Reggae, Funk, Classical and many more, I've been playing for close to 50 years.

Aside from direct requests for performances, I have been working through 


As band leader, I can pull jazz combos of any size together...from duos to quintets, etc.  These jazz groups can be perfect for cocktail parties, corporate events, weddings, etc.

As a band member, I can arrange to have my fun, multi-genre band, Time In The Wilderness, play for your party or venue.  We can play quietly as backdrop music or we can lay down some grooving dance music.  We have a great time playing together and that gets across!


I also offer trumpet lessons at Middle C Music,  Music & Arts and privately in the Montgomery County area.

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